Do you know the feeling of trying delicious new food and then you can't stop eating? 

My passion and love for yoga drives my thirst for more knowledge and practice ever since I first tried yoga back in 2008.


2017                       Pelvicfloor Trainer (BeBo certified)

2016                       Rainbow Yoga Kids Teacher Training, Melbourne

2015 - 2016            300 hours Chris Chavez Path to Teaching, Istanbul

2015                       Assisting Stephen Thomas on tuesday nights @Air Yoga, ZH

2015                       Yoga as Therapy Fundamentals Training with Doug Keller

2013                       Pre- and Post Natal Teacher Training with Patricia Thielemann, Berlin         

2012 - 2013            200 hours Chris Chavez Path to Teaching, Zurich



Other Yoga teachers inspire me on my path. You can learn and grow from every yoga experience.
— Liora.

I am grateful that these great yoga teachers shared their passion and knowledge with me:

Stephen Thomas

Chris Chavez

Nico Luce

Carlos Pomeda

Tara Judell

Doug Keller

Patrick Creelman

Elena Brower

Brian Yuen



In 2008, my friend and inspiring yoga teacher Elisa Malinverni guided my first steps into Yoga while I was juggling my studies of business communication and a busy job. Yoga became instrumental in my life: it allowed me to get out of the busy mind patterns and reconnect to my unique self by being present in the moment. 

A year later, in 2008, Elisa introduced me to her teacher, Stephen Thomas, with whom I practice on a regular basis ever since I took my first class with him. Many workshops and retreats followed as his profound and grounding way of teaching Asana, Pranayama and Meditation is very soothing to the heart – he also inspired me to practice Asana, Pranayama and Meditation regularly at home.

In the meantime, in 2012 I saw a video of Chris Chavez and even without taking one class I knew I had to meet and train with this inspiring soul.

With his uplifting and profound way of teaching yoga over 15 years, he instantly inspired me. In the 200 hour Teacher Training he shared his tools for offering the best possible yoga experience to students with a high focus on teaching the body to stay healthy, getting a clear mind and reaching out directly to the heart. I visited Chris’ Studio in Istanbul several times and trained with him in different cities in Europe. In 2015 I started my 300 hour studies of his Master Path to Teaching. As a friend and teacher he has led my path in such a dedicated and beautiful way, I feel so much gratitude for you in my life Chris. But first and foremost my students are my teachers - i learn and grow so much when I hold space for them and this work connects me deeply to my own powerful teacher within. I feel blessed and very grateful for all my teachers who bring out the best in me on my personal yoga (teaching) path and for every one I met so far who inspired my heart on my journey.

much love, light and gratitude