I am a passionate yoga teacher with a strong interest in improving people’s happiness, encouraging them to let go of the thought how their yoga should be and explore their personal potential. Yoga is such a powerful tool to connect to your heart and from there with others. And thats where our true power lies. I love to teach various yoga styles: From vibrant, sweaty and playful hatha flow yoga classes (uplifted by my favorite music bites) to calming and relaxing yin yoga, corporate yoga, nourishing pregnancy yoga, playful mum & baby to kids or family yoga. By teaching one on one private classes I found a big passion of mine as I can support you within your individual life situation with the different tools yoga and meditation have to offer. Get ready for a yoga experience that is freeing for your body, clearing for your mind and simply lifts you up.




To me, yoga offers different paths to connect body and mind. In my classes, it is through physical action and meditation we connect our body, breath and mind. Asana practice can be challenging and can provoke a wide range of feelings and emotions. It is therefore very important to respect at whatever stage your body might me right now. For me yoga is not about touching the toes with your nose and it’s even less about comparing yourself with others – it’s about finding your way! 

I discovered yoga in 2013 and have been practicing ever since. I have attended classes and workshops in Switzerland, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and India. While each and every teacher has taught me something important, Simona Gabrieli was my first yoga teacher and I could not have wished for a better person introducing me to yoga. I also had the great opportunity to attend the 200 RYT training led by Joan Hyman in Geneva. She has introduced me to the art of sequencing and her style of teaching has greatly influenced my way of guiding classes.